The Yale Lifetime Guarantee

We are proud to be working with Yale on this project. With 98% brand recognition, Yale is acknowledged as the leading home security brand. Our windows & doors use Yale locks meaning you can take advantage of this reputation for excellence with an extensive Lifetime Security Guarantee.


For you…

  •  Association with a leading, recognised brand
  • Confidence in the products you are installing
  • Marketing support for your business
    • Branded Yale Stickers
    • Certificates
    • Lifetime Security Guarantee Leaflets*
    • Use of Yale & Lifetime Security Guarantee logos*

For your customers…

  • Up to £1000 towards home insurance excess
    In the unlikely event of a break-in, Yale will pay up £1000 towards your customer’s home insurance excess to make sure they’re not left out of pocket.
  • Up to £1000 towards repairs or replacements
    Yale products are designed to stand the test of time. That’s why if a Yale lock fails, they’ll pay up to £1000 for repairs or replacements
  • £1000 compensation
    If a break-in is caused by failure of a Yale lock, they will pay £1000 compensation to your customer for the distress caused.
  • Up to £250 refund on call-out fees
    With the Yale Lifetime Guarantee, your customers are fully covered if the worst should happen. They will refund call-out fees to secure their home if a break in occurs due to failure of a Yale lock.

*Terms & conditions apply. Please visit www.yale.co.uk for full details.

How do I sign up?

Contact us today if you would like to offer the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee to your customers.

    BS7412 KM12887
    BS741-PAS24 KM505822
    BS7412-PAS24 KM33527

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