Conservatory Styles

Below you’ll find our guide to the various conservatory styles we offer, so that you can help your customers make the right choice for them. All of our conservatories are manufactured from scratch, so we can tailor each style to meet your exact requirements.



This style of conservatory is incredibly popular – and with good reason. The Victorian conservatory has a desirable bay frontage, ornate features and steeply pitched roof. It suits a wide range of properties, from classic to contemporary.


If your client loves traditional architecture but prefers clean and sleek lines, then a Georgian style could be the right choice for them. The high sloping roof leads into a flat glass frontage, creating sky to grass views.

Lean-to/ Mediterranean

Perfect for modern homes, the lean-to conservatory is a contemporary style that maximises on space. This style is often referred to as ‘Mediterranean’, because of the warmth the conservatory is able to retain.


The P-shaped conservatory is exactly that – a conservatory in the shape of the letter P. It provides additional space by combining a Victorian design with a lean-to. If you combine a lean-to with a Georgian style, it’s known as an L-shaped conservatory.


If you’re fitting a conservatory to a larger property, you might want to consider the T-shape. It makes the most of large frontages, by having a central area that breaks out on both sides. The T-shaped design is available in Victorian, Georgian and Gable styles.


This style of conservatory is grand, timeless and highly sought after. It features two levels of glass, creating additional opportunity for ventilation – so it’s ideal for south facing gardens or swimming pools.

Gable Designed

to mimic the gable end of a house, the height of a gable conservatory lets light flood into the room, while its square/rectangular sides make it easy to furnish. It can be fitted with a brickwork wall to blend the conservatory in with the rest of the property.

Solid Roof

With insulated composite panels and Kingspan slab insulation, a solid roof is the ideal solution for those customers whose current conservatories are simply too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter. What’s more, fitting one is a lot simpler than you might think.


The effortlessly stylish orangery is both elegant and traditional. This style typically contains less glass than a conservatory and can be built with brick or wood supports, so that the design blends seamlessly with the rest of the property.

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