Why a Casement Window is an Ideal Choice for Any Property
Published: 11th November 2015

When your customers are choosing the right windows for their property, they will have an array of options with regards to window styles and designs. At Sierra we offer tilt and turn windows, sash windows, fully reversible ones, and others. But one popular style of window is the casement window, as it can easily match the design of most homes and buildings.

The benefits of a casement window

Amongst all the different types of windows available, the casement window stands out due to its simplicity in design and the comfort level it brings. Unlike other window designs, the casement window is easy to operate – your customers can close or open it with convenience, and it offers good ventilation as well. This comes in particularly handy when homeowners want to let some air in during the warmer months. Nowadays, it is even possible for your customers to choose to have a casement window that is more energy efficient – with proper glass, glazing and enhanced security complete with a better, sturdier and more reliable locking system.

What to look for in a casement window

However, if the consumer has decided to opt for a casement window system for their property, it is important that they keep some factors in mind.

For easy installation

As an installer, for the window to be more easily fitted, your customers can choose gaskets that are pre-applied. With a pre-applied gasket system for a casement window series, the installation time can be cut down. This is particularly helpful if your customers have a business, as the shortened installation time would be very convenient, as their operations wouldn’t be affected for a long period.

Different colours and finishes

At Sierra our casement window systems come in a broad array of different finishes, so they will easily fit in with your customers existing building’s design. We offer up to 19 colours and finishes, ranging from crisp white to wood grain finishes like oak and rosewood. Click here to find out more.

Safety and security

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 16.52.02The window’s security is another important consideration for anyone. At Sierra we have your customers best interest at heart, meaning that our casement windows are equipped with the highest quality hardware and security. The Yale lock system which makes them a lot more durable and harder to break into. Find out more here

Energy efficiency

To improve casement window energy efficiency, your customers can also choose to have it double glazed, which allows them to keep the heat in and allow less cold draughts to come inside. We are proud to offer windows rated A, B and C, depending on your customers needs. Also when windows are double glazed, consumers are improving the noise levels and insulation inside their property, as less noise from the outside can come in. Find out more about energy ratings here

Window materials: uPVC

The material of the window also makes a big difference. Although windows today come in a range of materials, uPVC is becoming more popular because it has various qualities that make it better than conventional wood. For one, uPVC does not rust, warp, peel, crack, or flake, and it is also easy to maintain. And unlike wood, uPVC does not need repainting every few years. In fact, all it needs is to be wiped regularly, and it’s as good as new. The lifespan of well-made uPVC casement windows from Sierra can be as long as twenty years or more.

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