Three Steps to Choosing Replacement Windows
Published: 25th November 2015

1. Decide on New or Replacement Windows

If your customers choose to install new windows, make sure they are aware that this means taking out the whole of the existing structure including glass and frames. They can also make alterations to the size and the positioning of the windows, if required, or have the windows in the same place. At Sierra, we can also assist in the fitting of new casement windows if required, as the structural changes can be complicated. Alternatively, consumers may wish to install replacement windows, which involves taking out the existing windows and putting in replacement windows without changing the shape or position of the existing opening.

2. Choose the Window Style

Once your customers have decided if they are going to replace the windows completely or with new glass and frames, then they need to pick the style of window they want. There are a few main styles available. For example, casement windows generally open by swinging out and they are controlled using a lever mechanism. Casement windows can be attractive and they are a good option for getting as much air as possible into the room. Our fully reversible windows have been manufactured using low carbon technology that achieves great thermal performance, ideal for consumers concerned with energy bills and heat loss. By choosing this style, your customers will be satisfied with a product that demands very little attention and is safe to clean, perfect for inaccessible locations and high-rise buildings. Tilt & Turn windows are a popular option for customers who require easy maintenance and secure ventilation, as they will benefit from a design with internally glazed features that can open inwards.

3. Pick Window Materials

270720120210017367_mThe next step is to choose what material your customers want the windows manufactured from. The most common types of materials used in making new windows today are wood and UPVC. Wood is a natural-looking material that fits with the style of modern and old houses but it is harder to maintain and keep its looks than UPVC. Wood is also heavier, and more expensive. UPVC replacement windows are economical and are available in probably the widest selection of styles so they are useful for any time of home. Once your customers have the material for the frame they need to pick the glass – double-glazing is standard nowadays but they can also choose triple-glazed and pick the distance between the separate panes.

Choose Sierra as your supplier of reliable and efficient replacement windows so you can be sure of a decent service and all the guarantees consumers will need for their windows to function correctly, and look good, far into the future.

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