How to Improve A Home with Patio Doors
Published: 14th December 2015

A sunny patio with some plants and comfy chairs is a great addition to the home. A patio gives your customers outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing, and eating. When a patio is built in the sunniest part of a garden, your customers have a convenient and comfortable space for all their family to enjoy. To get even more use out of the space, consumers can even install a conservatory or sunroom so the weather can’t affect their plans. Whether they have a patio or a conservatory, or an area of decking, one item is essential – the patio door. Here’s how your customers can improve the look and functionality of their home with a good quality patio door.

Types of Patio Doors

As an installer, you’ll know that there are all kinds of patio doors on the market and your customers will want to choose a design type that suits the style of their home. For example, bi-folding doors from Sierra offer homeowners the opportunity to increase the natural light, and living space within their property, along with providing amazing panoramic views. Our doors are made up of three panels or more, with 36 different opening configurations (including the choice to open in or outwards) and are available in a variety of colours and finishes to accommodate any home for a flawless finish. This type of patio door helps create an increased amount of space and results in an airy and light look. Find out more here.

If your customers don’t have enough clearance space to comfortably fit a bi-fold patio door then sliding doors are the ideal choice. They don’t get the same amount of clear space created as with the sliding doors but you can leave them partially or fully open to get air circulating from outdoors inside. Sliding doors are common and suit many different styles of home, perfect as a room divider or conservatory element. Find out more here. 

Different Materials for Patio Doors

The inline-sliding doors we supply at Sierra are constructed from PVC – this material is versatile and convenient way to manufacture patio doors. We also supply PVC-u or slim-line aluminium bi-fold doors with polyamide thermal break – depending on your customers needs. Aluminium is light and won’t need painting, although it might not suit the look for more traditional homes. PVC is durable and withstands the weather stresses and also the action of repeated opening and shutting. Wooden doors are classic and attractive although they can warp and may rot; plus, they are often more expensive than plastic options.

Bi-folding doors maybe all the rage right now, but it is important not to overlook the un-sung hero that is the inline sliding patio door. One this is for sure, no matter what style your customers choose, as long as Sierra is your supplier, their new patio door will dramatically improve the look of their property.

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