How New Windows Can Save Your Customers Money
Published: 18th August 2015

Factors Involved in Saving Money with New Windows

The amount of money that your customers will save with the installation of new windows will depend on many factors that include:

  • How their existing windows are constructed and the materials contained in them
  • The amount of insulation that they have in their home
  • The number of windows in their home and the size of their residence
  • The amount of shade that surrounds their home

As your customers are calculating the cost and savings to arrive at the return that they’ll get on their investment, be sure that they consider the materials that they will prefer such as PVC windows, the installation costs, and the warranty that comes with the windows that they want.

Your Customer’s Window Options

Your customers energy bill and the savings that they realise early-on will be determined by the materials that they choose, the style they select, the type of glazing that they pick, and the cost of the installation of their new windows. They may want to look at the materials that include wood frames, PVC windows, or other types that are available in their area. They should take a look at the styles such as single or double hung, and the glazing technology that’s incorporated into their new window; this can all impact the amount of money that they truly save. Also make sure they consider the maintenance and cleaning that will have to be done and how conveniently they or a family member can perform this.

energy-ratingsCheck the Window Ratings

Another way that your customers can calculate how much savings they might get from installing new windows in their home, is to check the window rating that compares a number of features of the window. These ratings measure the window’s ability to block outside air, cold and heat, and how well it stops condensation. At Sierra windowswe help you to learn more about the U-factor, solar heat gain, and air leakage that some windows experience. We know about how much natural light is allowed through the window, how well the window can resist condensation, and how a particular window compares to its competitors.

If your customers do their homework, learns as much as they can about windows, the materials from which they are constructed, and the special features that some of them offer, they can save enough money to pay for their investment quickly and efficiently. An educated consumer is a happier consumer who is well satisfied with the choices made, especially about new windows for their home.

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